13 years cemented carbide saw blade
Professional cut aluminum profiles, wood, steel

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It begins with faith- Lee to

No gram, no disadvantage

Smooth cut

No glitches, no fronts,

Light and smooth!

Laser Marking

Can be foundry, customized

Smooth surface

The saw blade has no texture,

Grinding equipmen

Equipment imported from Germany

Imported cutter head

After prolonged use, Still flat as new!

Manual leveling

Production of high-precision equipment, Tolerance is only 2m

A reliable manufacturer of saw blades, choose Gorit!

Provide one-stop service for customized drawings 

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About Gerrit

13 years focus on carbide saw

Ge Rui Te (Xiamen) Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. has insisted on providing high-quality, market-competitive professional woodworking tool products and excellent service spirit for many years.
Following Taiwan's many years of professional knife-making experience, we use imported materials from Japan and Germany and carefully create advanced equipment such as laser cutting equipment,

Ge Ruite (Xiamen) Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

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